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Frequently Asked Questions

INNOVATIVE DESIGN FOR EVERYONE. Idea’l Marketing offers the latest innovation in home living. Our modular homes offer quality construction and design flexibility through our connecting system. Design the home you want and need! 

EXCELLENT OPTION FOR EVERYONE. The Idea’l home is perfect for everyone looking to develop communities of all sizes or even the family who wants their own space. Developers, entrepreneurs, families, and individuals can all utilize the Idea’l home for their projects because of the flexibility in joining modules together.


UNLIMITED USES. The uses for our homes are endless. Complete homes, office space, extra storage, she shed, are just a few of the countless options Idea’l homes can be designed and used for. 

FINANCING. Idea’l homes can be financed to help you build financial freedom. If your home will be placed on the property you own, most lenders will work with you to make an affordable option. Ask one of our experts for more information.We have lenders we can refer you to. Call for more information. 

SHIP ANYWHERE. Idea’l homes can be shipped to you wherever you are. Cost for shipping vary based on location. 

HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE? You can expect to receive your Idea’l home in three to six months from the time you approve your design. 

QUALITY AND CONFIDENCE. Idea’l homes are built according to the International Building Codes using traditional frame construction and are very sturdy and solid. They are assembled by craftsmen in a controlled environment so weather never affects the materials.  The modules you design will be shipped separately and be assembled on site.


ZONING. Idea’l homes can be placed almost anywhere a regular home can be built. Check your local zoning for details in your area.

DETAILS, DIMENSIONS AND MORE. Idea’l homes are Idea’l. Most homes are 199 square feet. We have a half module that is 99 feet. Put them together for your Idea’l home.


IDEA’L FOUNDATION. Idea’l homes can be placed on almost any type of ground, including cement, rock, dirt, gravel. 

SEPTIC AND SEWER. Idea’l homes are compatible with most types of sewer and septic systems. 


  1. Determine if your desired location meets the zoning requirements of your local government (city, county, state). 

  2. Initiate your permitting process if necessary. 

  3. Select your model and/or models. 

  4. Pay your deposit. 

  5. Select the contractor to install your new home. 

  6. Prepare your site for arrival. 

  7. Pay the balance due. 

  8. Hire a shipper to transport your new home. 

  9. Site installation. 

EXTRA OPTIONS. You can add these options for an additional fee: 

Ring Doorbell 

Ring Cameras 

Ultraloq electric door locks 

LED lighting 

AC outlets with USB outlets

OFF THE GRID. Looking to place your home in a remote location? 

Power. Your home can be configured with AC or DC current, and you can add solar panels, lithium batteries and an inverter to give you the flexibility you need. 

Water. You can add a potable water unit for up to two gallons of water daily. Sewer. You can add a black/gray water recycling system. 

APPLIANCES. Your home includes the following appliances: 


Oven/range (available in electric or gas) 


Washer and Dryer 

Tankless water heater 

Dual flush toilets

ADDITIONAL COSTS AND SERVICES. Additional costs and services not provided by Idea’l Marketing: 

These costs are not included in the purchase price but may be included in your mortgage. Check with your lender to be sure: 


Permit/Inspection. Your governing agency (city or state) may require permits and inspections. 

Site prep and installation. You will need to prepare the site for the placement of the home and have someone install. 

Utilities. You will need someone to make sure the utilities you want are on site, or choose the remote location options.

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